February 08, 2012

the wedding pt 1: engaged!

I said earlier that I'd write about my ultra exciting wedding planning adventures, but before I do that I figured I should probably start a bit further back with the whole getting engaged deal.

Wayne proposed to me on a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon in August on a bench in a park... with a choose-your-own-adventure book. You remember those books from back in the 80s, where your bad choices would end up with the character giving up or getting terminated in some grisly way? Yeah.

Well, this wasn't an ordinary choose your own adventure book. It was completely authored and edited by my very creative now-husband. I'm not even sure how to begin describing it. As a starting example, here's a portion of the back cover:

He basically took chunks of our high school experiences and early dating years together and wove this complicated adventure together. Amish people showed up a lot... but that's another story for another day.

We read through the entire book together on that park bench, both with big smiles on our faces because we both knew what was coming.

Ahhhh yeaaaa! Proposal time! I said yes, obviously. But for those curious readers, here's what was on page 78...

The end? Not quite. After happily telling family and friends and giving my ring an ample amount of attention, I sat down and realized I actually had to plan a wedding. Sigh.

I do love a good proposal story!

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