February 16, 2012

the thud.

Well, it happened.

I received my first employment rejection today. I knew it was coming and was totally expecting it, but there was still some tiny part of me that was thinking, "C'mon, Suzanne. Don't sweat it. You'll totally be hired at the first place you apply."

Alas, twas not the case. No job offer, but at least the committee was "favourably impressed" with my qualifications.

Translation: We think you're probably pretty good at some stuff, like maybe writing on post-it notes and making good use of hand sanitizer, and perhaps answering telephones in a happy voice, but those favourable qualifications just aren't favourable enough. Love, HR.

Oh well. Like I said, the logical practical part of me wasn't surprised. But as Anne Shirley put it: "I can't help flying up on the wings of anticipation. It's as glorious as soaring through a sunset... almost pays for the thud."

So I shall continue to anticipate and hope and pray with the full knowledge that there's a job out there for me somewhere... and until that job arrives I'll rest in Jesus, putting my identity in Him and not in a totally glamorous but as yet non-existant administrative career. And I'll probably also keep cooking tasty dinners for Wayne the Hungry Seminarian Husband and trying to write on this silly blog.

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