February 26, 2012

head colds, horses, and heartland.

As was previously mentioned, I've been sick with a cold. And so I remain, my head cold still intact. Over a week later. Still sick. My body hates me.

When any sort of virus has possession over your body it's surprising how little motivation you have to get anything done. I almost totally gave up in the middle of grocery shopping. I was wandering the pasta and world foods aisle with my half-full grocery cart when exhaustion overwhelmed my body. I couldn't walk another step. I almost had a little pow-wow with the bulk-size bags of fettucine noodles, but don't worry. I made it back home in one piece and did nothing for the rest of the day.

Well, nothing except watch Heartland while dozing in bed. Heartland is a Canadian show that takes place in Alberta about a girl who loves/trains/speaks to horses. It's also about her family and friends, all of whom are incredibly dramatic and silly. It's fantastically entertaining.

I've never been a horse girl. Horses are nice. They're fun to ride. But I don't speak horse, and horses know that, so we just look at each other and keep our relationship to a simple yet distant level. It works for us.

The people on the show are ridiculous. They make the same stupid mistakes over and over, season after season. They say the nastiest things to each other. They need to be educated on learning how to communicate properly -- the main girl and her bf keep breaking up because they apparently don't know how to actually talk to each other. They all jump to wild conclusions which causes constant havoc, they're all totally selfish, and the only one who keeps his head on straight is the cowboy Grandpa who has a goofy yet very well-groomed moustache that never seems to be stained by all the coffee he drinks. There's horses in there somewhere. And guns.

Definitely a head-cold kind of show.

However, while pondering the wonders of Heartland drama, I realized that perhaps I shouldn't be so quick to judge the poor characters and their pathetic problems. As an outsider, it's easy to dissect a situation and point to where the parties involved screwed up. And yes, perhaps Heartland leans a tad towards the dramatic, but seriously, how often have you been completely selfless in your relationships? How often have you jumped to conclusions because that was the conclusion you wanted so that you could (appear to) be the better person? How often have you intentionally miscommunicated with a friend or sibling or parent or spouse or significant other in order to get your point across?

I'm sad to say that I fit very comfortably in every one of these categories. And you probably do, too. So let's get our love on and remember that we're not to only look to our own interests, but also to the interests of others (Philippians 2:4). Remember to thank Jesus for his forgiveness, ask for it from those you've hurt, and praise God that starting over is always an option. And keep your moustache groomed.


  1. Lovely post. :) Hope you feel better!

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