February 15, 2012

conversation hearts hangover.

I had far too much access to Valentine's candy this year. People just kept giving it to me and like any rational person I didn't refuse it. Wayne thinks I may have an undiagnosed candy addiction. I told him that was absolutely not the case while stuffing crumpled chocolate wrappers into our car's glove compartment.

It was our first married Valentine's Day spent together. We've never made a huge deal over this day which we're totally okay with, but a holiday is a nice excuse to do fun things like bake and draw cards (ie avoid job searching with reasonable cause).

So, to celebrate our first V-day together I made Wayne's favourite coffee cake.

It's made of sugar and cream and chocolate and probably some more sugar. And butter.

The fact that two people who shall remain nameless are already this far through the Valentine's Day cake may or may not have something to do with the fact that the aforementioned nameless people decided to start working out at the campus gym again.

Then I made Wayne go on an excessively long treasure hunt to find this card (hence the weird clue posted on this blog yesterday).

Nothing beats romancing your husband with a Star Wars-themed Valentine's card. Seriously. He was overjoyed to be portrayed as Han Solo saying the classic "I know" line. Although I must say, Han Solo has pretty ridikalis 70's hair which I clearly had trouble drawing.

Hope your Heart's Day was full of fun!

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