December 30, 2012

a merry little christmas.

We've been in Ontario for the last several days. Tomorrow we'll be making the trek back to the G-Raps in order to get into our 2013 groove. Crazy how time flies! 

In the ten days we've been back with family our hands have been filled with chocolate, cups of coffee, many good gifts and adorable babies. Such blessings! The best blessing of all? Jesus, the Light. 

Have a beautiful New Year!

December 01, 2012

one last splash of fall.

I drew this thank you card a few weeks back. It went out to the generous donors who helped with my old high school's fall fundraiser. Thank you donors! You help the Christian education dream live on.

Now I have to draw a Christmas card... really really soon. Today is December, and that means time is RUNNING OUT. So -- onto the drawing board! But first, a coffee. And then probably some other errands and tasks. And then... well... maybe I'll get to it next weekend.