January 19, 2012

great expectations

Before getting married I perused the 'net to try and find some blog out there by a seminary wife, just to see if I could get a taste of what was to come. There wasn't much, which probably means that being a seminary wife isn't particularly blog-worthy. Fortunately I am not just a seminary wife...

Being aware that I'm the kind of person who needs to have a serious game plan before getting a project started, I realized I'd have to create a list of topics that I'd be able to write about once getting this blog up and running. The initial list of topics included:

- Being a seminary wife
- How I completely failed my gender in my great dislike of wedding planning

And that was it. The lack of interesting and relevant topics in this list should have convinced me right away that this blog was headed nowhere. But I thought some more, and here's what else you can possibly expect:

- Being a seminary wife (and humbly learning how to be a better one... eek.)
- How I completely failed my gender in my great dislike of wedding planning
- Faith. It's a big deal.
- World issues and current events that interest me, or freak me out, or both.
- The job hunt
- My drawing habits, and
- Any other miscellaneous adventures.

What not to expect in this blog:

- Crafts. I'm not crafty. I suck at crafts. If we had been graded on our craftiness in Calvinettes (GEMS for the girls of the current century) I'd still be in the fourth grade level burning the skin off my knuckles with that evil glue gun.
- Fantastic amateur photography. A lot of bloggers I follow have this great penchant for photography. Don't get me wrong, I love photos, and I take an obscene amount of them. But you can only do so much with a 5-year-old Canon pocket-sized deal that smokes when the flash is used (I kid you not).
- Consistency. But I'll try!

We'll see what happens...

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