My name is Suzanne. I'm a Canadian living with my Canadian husband in the very American state of Michigan. He is nearly done getting his master's degree and will eventually, Lord willing, become a pastor. I spend 40 hours per week behind a desk, and many more beyond that trying to figure out how I'm going to do this pastor's wife thing. I draw when I can and read as much as I'm able and when I feel as though I have something to say, I write it here.

I write about our (usually unexpected) travels, our experiences in the journey that is seminary, and occasionally about faith and theology. I often write about my Dad, too -- he died very suddenly in 2009 thanks to a condition which we were unaware of. Continuing to write about him and loss and death helps me to continue working through my grief.

I love to write because I am not particularly eloquent or articulate in conversation. With writing I am given time to shape sentences and refine thoughts. It is similar to drawing a picture, I think -- figuring out where to put lines and colours, and knowing when it is best to just leave that negative space alone. I love this process -- and I hope you enjoy reading the results of it. Thanks for stopping by!

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