April 03, 2012

spring = sports

Spring is my favourite time of year. The dramatic black skies, the sharp silhouettes of damp tree trunks against the gradually greening grass, the hopeful tips of tulips poking out of the earth-- lovely.

Spring is also Wayne's favourite time of year... but not because of what I've just listed. For him, this time of the year is when the annual progression of sports reaches an all-time high. The NCAA Basketball Tournament occupies most of March. The NHL season is winding down and Stanley Cup hopefuls start growing playoff beards. Most importantly, spring training is in full swing for Major League Baseball teams down in Florida and Arizona -- the Toronto Blue Jays are doing mighty fine, by the way. Wayne loves this time of year, and being married has only increased my awareness of this. He loves the murmur of a ballpark crowd, the smell of a leather glove, the sound of the seams hitting the mitt. Baseball occupies his thoughts -- stats are often running through his head, anticipation for the home opener has him distracted -- such a sports guy.

More than I thought, apparently. This morning while trying to wake him up he started trying to say something in his half-asleep state...

Suzanne: Wayne, it's 8:30.
Wayne: Ughhhh... mfyoreharmzert.
S: What?
W: ...My forearms hurt.
S: What? Why do your forearms hurt?
W: Spring training... throwing the ball too much...

So apparently he's been spring training with the Jays in his sleep. That takes some seriously mad skill (which Wayne has lots of). I'm married to sermon-writing-baseball-playing-stat-quoting-Jesus-loving dude. And that is wonderful.

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