April 07, 2012

easter, a goddess, paganism, and Jesus. yay!

I recently found out that the term "Easter" has nothing to do with Jesus. Its roots are in Anglo-Saxon paganism and was originally the name of a goddess of the dawn who was celebrated during the month of April. The goddess faded in popularity over time, but the name stuck. We celebrate the fact that Jesus died and rose to buy us back from sin and death, then give the celebration a name that blatantly illustrates the history of our idolatry, rebellion, and sin. Seems like an odd pairing.

It's certainly thought-provoking, though, and an excellent reminder about who we are and where we're coming from. We're humans who look to anything but heaven for answers to our questions and help for our problems. We're well-practiced at worshipping ourselves, our successes, our possessions. We push Jesus out of the way until He's convenient. He knows all this. He knew all this 2,000 years ago, but He still went through the pain, torture, rejection and humiliation of that crucifixion. Hallelujah, what a Savior!

Have a blessed Resurrection Sunday, all.

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