April 16, 2012

seminary dudes

This weekend we had a bunch of Wayne's classmates over for dinner on Saturday night. As you can probably imagine, having a bunch of seminary dudes hanging out in your living room for a couple hours leads to a fairly interesting evening.

The night began on a violent note when Wayne, seeing that a particular classmate of his was at the door, raced out of the back of the house and shanked* said classmate from behind. Without a knife, obviously. The evening progressed with less violence as the night wore on; conversation sprinkled with reformed theology, how sore they all were from playing seminary soccer, Karl Barth, and a couple good renditions of seminary professor impersonations. A sampling of some random quotes throughout the night:

"Jurgen Moltmann? Are you kidding? I wrote an amazing paper on Jurgen Moltmann."
"I am going to slap you."
"Come down to my library and I will convert you to John Stott."
"You commentary hoarder!"
"Dude. Awesome God story."
"Are you mocking me?"
"I can't wait til you're a pastor. I'm gonna come to your church and liturgically dance all the way down the centre aisle."
I'm very certain that none of the guys present will change up their pastoral calling for liturgical dance lessons, and I'm glad of that. It's a big comfort to know that there are young men around who are passionate about the gospel and are preparing to leap into that scary land of ministry, ready to lead the next generation in celebrating our salvation... while shanking each other from behind.

*shanked: Prison slang for getting stabbed with a homemade knife. In the young seminary man's case, it is perhaps more suitably described as sneaking up behind the victim and pretending to stab said victim. A great deal of manly yelling and shouting is required.

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