March 05, 2012

double double, please!

On Saturday night we drove 4 miles through this...

So that we could get this:

Because we're totally ridiculous. And also because Wayne needed to escape from sermon-writing.

We're from the land of Tim Hortons. We moved to the land of Dunkin' Donuts and Krispy Kreme. It's rrrrrrroll up the rim time, and our fingers are itching to rim-roll. By some fantastic twist of fate, a Tim Hortons was built down the road from us and just opened a few months ago. We were concerned that because it wasn't a native Tim Hortons, the generally sub-par coffee wouldn't be up to... par. Delight of delights! It tasted like Tim Hortons! Yay.

Neither of us rolled our rims successfully. Bah.


  1. I like how the American RUTR cups have ROLL UP RIM HERE written in the arrow...the Canadian ones don't!