March 06, 2012

adiantum pedatum

I have a lovely friend who's a born-and-raised bonafide country girl. She spent her childhood building forts in a swamp. She has a dog and a miniature horse. She cleans out chicken barns. She can back up a truck that has a trailer attached (This, my friends, takes serious skill). She likes nothing more than spending the day in the great outdoors, never mind whether it's too cold, or too wet, or too sunny, or too windy, or too snowy. She's there with a smile on. I might be there too, but if it's too cold I can't promise that I'll be smiling.

Since she's such a lover of the outdoors, I decided to try and do something for her birthday that would bring the outside in. So -- I drew and framed three pictures of native Ontarian wildflowers. These are them. Since my bathroom walls were very bare I printed myself some copies and hung them up and now wish for spring every time I brush my teeth. It's coming so soon!

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