March 14, 2012

take heart.

I drew this card for my friend and her husband who welcomed a baby boy into their family this past January. Last year I sent them a card around the same time, but for a totally different reason. Their newborn son is their second child. Their first, a daughter, was born last February, two months early, and without breath in her lungs.

Theirs has been a journey I know nothing about. Though I've experienced sad things in my life, I can't even begin to comprehend how devastating it would be to lose a long-awaited child. Yet my friend has embraced the circumstances she is in, and she has been honest about the hardships she's had to face in learning how to grieve the loss of her daughter while celebrating the life of her son.

Jesus didn't promise that our lives on earth would be easy. In John 16:33 he says that "in this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world." Though it seems nearly impossible to find light in the dark experience of losing a child -- in losing any loved one -- we will always have that steadfast and sure hope in our Hero Jesus, who will one day come to conquer sin and death, and will wipe away every tear from our eyes.

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