March 16, 2012

dies natalis

The seminary Wayne attends celebrates its 136th birthday today. How does a seminary celebrate its 136th birthday, you ask? Well, for one thing, everyone has the day off. No classes, the professors get to wear jeans, etc. Everyone loves seeing a dude with a PhD in Biblical Studies wearing jeans. Since the office where I work is closed on Fridays, I was able to go into the seminary this morning with Wayne to join the big ole seminary party -- there's a catered breakfast, and then the student senate puts on a big variety show that completely shreds the professors, all in the name of the seminary birthday celebration. Nice.

While all these brilliant men and women are getting satired to pieces (fyi satired isn't a word, don't use it in your essay that you're avoiding writing while reading this post), there is also quite a vast sprinkling of seminary jokes within the dialogue. Seminary jokes which I totally don't understand because... well, eschatological and hermeneutical humour is only relevant to a very selective group of people. I'm not one of those people. I'm married to one of those people, but the humour is lost on me. But I pretend. Someone's up there making jokes about exegesis vs eisegesis and everyone else is letting loose these huge belly laughs and I'm slapping my knee, all "HAHAHA that's hilarious", meanwhile I'm clueless (Though not anymore! Wayne just explained the difference to me not 2 minutes ago, so the joke would totally make sense now... if I could actually still remember it).

But all the difficult-to-understand jokes aside, I think it's really neat that there's such a strong feeling of community within the seminary, despite differences of opinion regarding the Belhar Confession and women in office and Martin Luther's love of beer. It's kind of nice to be surrounded by a whole bunch of people who are on this wild journey with us -- makes you feel a little less crazy. Although... not quite sane. I mean, we are still laughing at jokes about Bible software. Weird.

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