January 21, 2012

theologically correct gift wrap

My husband is in the middle of his first year at seminary. He's working on his Masters of Divinity and plans to eventually become a pastor. He goes to school every day and learns about theology and dead languages and being missional and good preaching practices.

This means that I'm an official seminary wife, a role that few women get to experience. I wasn't sure how I'd fit into the role, but to be honest, once I got past the strange murmurings of Hebrew coming from the basement office, I came to the conclusion that it really can't be that different from being the wife of any type of graduate student.

I thought that until I went shopping for Christmas wrapping paper this past December. Little did I know that being in a fairly theological atmosphere on a daily basis would have an impact on my wrapping paper purchases. I literally stood at the bin of wrapping paper and thought, "Which paper will he not look at with a smirk and describe to me the different ways in which John Calvin would MMA Santa Claus?" Not seriously, of course. It's just a guy thing. A theological guy thing. Anyway. I avoided Santa and opted instead for the "Peace on Earth" paper.

Yes, I'm officially a seminary wife.

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