January 30, 2012

happiness is singing in the choir.

Before getting married last year, my husband and I had been together for a grand total of 5 years (and 49 days if we're being exact here). Our families lived an hour apart. We went to different universities which were 2 hours apart. This meant that weekends were the only time we were able to see each other. This also meant that to keep everything happy and fair, we were at a different house every weekend... and also, a different church. It was a challenge. Not getting to be a part of a consistent church community is tiring, and it's also hard to figure out what you can give yourself to in the workings of the communion of saints.

Well, marriage and a cross-border move solved that problem! Having to start fresh in a new country also meant having to start fresh in a totally new church. And because we're there every week, we get to be involved! Hooray!

I've joined our church choir. It's a lovely choir -- perhaps 20-25ish people? We have a very skilled and exuberant director who punches life into the voices of our souls. We sound pretty good, considering the amount of material we have to get through. We're part of the church service twice a month, and during those services we lead the congregation in praise and worship. It's great. Fo realsies.

I have a problem though. I get the choir giggles. It's really inconvenient. Because of my height (I have lots of it), I've been placed at the end of the alto row next to our giant Dutch bass men. The sound of their deep voices makes me laugh. The fact that they're not always paying attention and leap in at the totally wrong place and flip pages frantically makes me laugh. The fact that I'm laughing in the middle of "How Great Thou Art" makes me laugh. One of the jolly bass men makes a pun about some lyric and blammo, I'm snorting into my choir binder. It's slightly frustrating (albeit in a fun, happy way), especially when the whole congregation is staring and wondering who let the insane Canadian in.

The only explanation I have is that choir makes me happy which makes me more susceptible to getting the giggles. And why does choir make me happy (other than the fact that I love to sing)? I think it's because I'm doing what I was built to do -- to worship and glorify the Almighty God of this universe. God's creation was designed to praise Him. I'm reminded of the story in Luke 19 where the Pharisees tell Jesus to rebuke his disciples who are praising him joyfully (such sassy disciples). Jesus responds in his lovely, poignant way, "if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out."

Worshipping my Creator feels good and fills my heart with gladness. I like that.

"Worship the Lord with gladness; come before Him with joyful songs." Psalm 100:2

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  1. Reading this post has made me miss my Oakville choir greatly! I loved it that even though many of the members did not share the same faith, we were all singing His praises!