January 26, 2012

have pencil, will draw

As was previously mentioned, I love drawing. I've never had any formal training -- I just took art class up until grade 12, and because our high school was so small, we didn't actually have a huge detailed program where you could choose from sculpting or illustration or graphic design -- it was just art. Art art art.

 I don't know when I started to like drawing so much -- perhaps it stemmed from doodling during church as a kid. To keep us quiet and preoccupied, my parents gave us kids notebooks for church in which we could take notes or draw pictures on the sermon topic... but drawing dusty disciples wasn't my idea of a good time -- princesses with ornate dresses were far more exciting (I was six... give me a break).

 It wasn't until grade 2 that I realized that drawing was something I really liked doing (unlike evil math -- fractions still give me ulcers). We had an assignment to draw some form of Canadian wildlife, and I took that loon very seriously. Working very intently on my drawing, it took me a bit to notice the crowd of classmates gathering around my desk, saying things like, "Wow! It actually looks like a loon!"

8-year-old critics aren't hard to please, though, and I'm sure if I still had that drawing my opinion would be far different. But that encouragement was all I needed to embrace art with both arms. I spent my high school years doodling in the margins of my notebooks (probably why I did so badly in math) and went to university for landscape architecture -- connecting my love of the great outdoors with my drawing habits. It also seemed more practical than a fine arts degree... but that's another story.

For now, I continue to draw and draw and draw... mostly cards, mostly with pencil crayons and heavy-duty markers, mostly just for fun. My dear husband gave me a bee-yoo-tee-full drafting table for a wedding gift which is just the best thing ever. And on it I shall continue to draw.

My mahhhvelous desk... and 2011's Christmas card.

Below is a birthday card for a good friend of my husband's. For his birthday he wanted a card made by yours truly, so voila! He was raised in the Philippines and is a big scuba diver... hence the happy underwater friends.

I'm no pro, that's for sure... but it makes me happy. 

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