March 11, 2014

week ten.

A wee slice from our tenth week in town.

A view of the Firth of Forth from the Promenade in Portabello (or Portabelly, as the locals sometimes call it). Portabello is a town just outside Edinburgh -- near where our church was. 

We were joining the Niddrie gang for curry and a pint after evening service (just a little British).

Princes Street Gardens in full bloom -- the roses were tremendous all summer long.

Edinburgh's floral clock of summer 2013! Did you know that this exact place is where the floral clock originated? The first EVER floral clock in the whole world! Planted right here! In 1903! Fantastic. Every year it depicts something special -- an anniversary or something. This summer: the 100th anniversary of the Edinburgh zoo. 

The Edinburgh Festival started this week. For the whole month of August Edinburgh is awash in several festivals. Mostly it's dramatic arts -- comedies, plays, theatre -- there's some musical performances as well. The Edinburgh Military Tattoo springs into action, performing six nights a week for a whole month on the Esplanade of Edinburgh Castle. I can't remember the exact stats, but the city's population absolutely explodes in size. The Royal Mile (pictured above) is just swamped with people for weeks and weeks and weeks. Getting through the crowd without being handed flyers or sung to is rare. 

Also, I have no idea who that man is. He seems to be the focal point of my photo. I think he's about to hand me a flyer. I probably rejected him. REJECTION!

 To escape the crowds we'd come here -- good old Arthur's Seat and Holyrood Park. Tourists mostly didn't venture this far... nice and quiet and greeeeeeeeeeen!

And if I really had to run errands on the High Street -- I'd be out early in the morning when the Mile was still utterly deserted. I like it when I can hear the birds sing.

I feel like that was an old lady-ish thing to write. I am apparently an old soul.

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