March 20, 2014

week eleven.

If you've been following along with our archived Scottish adventures, you'll know how much we loved climbing up Salisbury Crags. No surprise then that we took another sunset hike this week (this time with beer and doritos... classy).

 How cool are these jets? They passed right over us! They would actually fly over Edinburgh almost every night at around 7PM, following the path of The Royal Mile -- it was part of the Royal Military Tattoo show. So loud!

 We caught a bus to St. Andrews on one sunny Tuesday -- spent the day amongst old cathedral ruins, ancient golf courses, and sandy beaches. Cold beaches -- but still nice.

 This is me on Swilcan Bridge -- apparently at least 700 years old, it's been incorporated into St. Andrews' Old Course (oldest golf course in the world!) and all the famous golf pros pose here with their trophies. I probably don't deserve to stand here as I am pretty terrible at miniature golf but that is besides the point. 
St. Andrews University residence hall where Will and Kate stayed their first year in uni! They probably flirted on that bench there behind me.  

Wayne looks dapper everywhere, even in a centuries-old cemetery. 

As I've mentioned before, during the month of August the military tattoo runs six nights per week and  included in that is a fireworks show! And I'm not talking wimpy little piddly fireworks -- I'm talking intense explosive HUGE fireworks almost every single night for a month. We could set our clocks by them when we weren't popping down to Waverly Bridge to actually watch the show. We went a lot -- probably more than we needed to -- but seriously. Fireworks every night? Way too fun to miss. 

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