March 25, 2014

first set of wings.

I have a cousin who spent her youth flying over horse jumps. Is that what they're called? Jumps. Yes, I think so. For anyone who thinks horse jumping is something you can just do without really knowing how to do it... wrong. Wrong wrong wrong. While visiting one summer I was having a leisurely walk-about on a calm old horse in said cousin's pasture when Calm Old Horse caught sight of a jump and had a sudden inspiration to be Brisk Sprightly Horse. Moving up from a walking speed to a trotting speed is a big change. Trotting is terrifying. I have no horseback riding rhythm and then that dang horse jumped over the jump and I thought my teeth had fallen out and been left behind in the grass.

You must realize that the jump was only about 2 feet off the ground -- this is monumentally high to someone who does not regularly ride horses.

So anyway, this cousin o' mine who rides horses into a flying gallop decided that the highest horse jumps weren't high enough and took to the skies as a pilot. This was a very late congratulatory yay-you-got-your-pilot's-license drawing that I managed to finally do this past summer while in Scotland. Cute!

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