January 20, 2014

week six.

Week six was business as usual for us -- research, reading, writing, drawing, laundry, groceries, ho hum. We were also shocked to discover that our sojourn in Edinburgh was almost half over! 

There were still, of course, the daily exploratory walks. There's always something new to find... 

Check out that glorious sun! Scotland is oft described as a cloudy, dismal chunk of the UK. Our summer there was completely not that. We were told, however, that we had chosen the best summer to come to Scotland in a decade... they hadn't had sun/warmth like this in ages! And by warmth I mean a daily high of 18-20 degrees celsius. 

They wouldn't last in west Michigan heat. Yikes. 

A nice view of Waverly Station. That big bridge there is North Bridge. It connects Old Town (left) to New Town (right... but not really pictured). We lived in Old Town, a five minute walk from the bridge. 

Spent a morning wandering around Calton Hill, home to many old monuments, including this lovely old pile of rocks know as "Edinburgh's Disgrace". It's actually really The National Monument, but they ran out of money so construction was halted in 1829, and it was never finished. Oops.

You can get some pretty intense pictures on it, though! Pretty cool view of Leith in the background.

Um, hmm. 

Very Star Wars-esque. 

Remember how I was only ever going to post three photos of the week? Funny. I tried, though. Really. 


  1. Suz! This is amazing. I can't believe you are living in Scotland. I hope your time there has been amazing and you enjoy the last bit of your sojourn ;)

    1. Thanks Leah! Just some clarification... we were there from May - August this past year but are back in the Michigan cold now. I'm just posting this stuff super late, haha! But yes, it was amazing.

  2. Struck by how those Nat'l Monument columns resemble the ones we just saw in Greece and Turkey -- Roman roots, you think? BTW, I love pix, no matter how many -- they enliven words a lot and help those of us who are visually oriented. Besides, your husband looks terrific in the b & w shot with Leith in the background -- very moody, very thoughtful [even if he MIGHT be using electronic toys : ) ] .

    1. Jan -- Edinburgh was often called the "Athens of the North" because of all the developing thought and philosophy that was going on at the academic institutions there, so you're right on the money! This was the reason they modelled their national monument after those structures you were just hanging out with :)