January 09, 2014

how to stretch your cafe drinks.

As a disclaimer: please remember while reading this that we're students (well, one of us anyway... and the other is unemployed) and have very limited spending money.

When you really want to get your quid's worth of cafe time and substance, a really good strategy is to befriend the older American tourist couple who sits down next to you, have a good chat, and when they leave, casually sort of adopt the two teapots they've left on the table that are still mostly full of really lovely hot Earl Grey tea. Then, consume with as little guilt and weirdness as possible.

Yes, we did this. No, we aren't ashamed.

{This post written in June 2013}


  1. I love this, this is totally something I would do! It would also work very well with a almost completely uneaten scone on the table next to me at the bakery!

  2. very thrifty! gotta admire that :)