June 04, 2012

tourist season.

Tourist season has begun here in Michigan! Actually, it never really stops... but that is completely okay, because we love having visitors! We feel very far away from our families so it's always nice to spend a weekend with some familiar faces.

We've had guests the last two weekends -- Wayne's family two weeks ago, and a part of my family last week. When guests come over we do a lot of eating and a lot of sitting on couches and being silly. Having guests also forces us to do some exploring of the city and it's fun to discover places we've never been yet!

Wayne and his Mom.  

 Wayne's uncle -- the happiest 42-year-old you'll ever meet! 

 2 out of the 3 cutest children in the world. 

It was a hot weekend -- thank goodness for excellent water features!

We're looking forward to having more visitors as well as getting back into Canada for some good old-fashioned fun at the stomping grounds of our youth. Hurrah for summer! 

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