June 01, 2012

on being busy (or why I've been MIA)

Not that I need to give any excuses. I refuse to be a blogger who apologizes for taking a hiatus from writing... although I didn't really realize I was taking a hiatus until I looked at the date of my last post. Life just happens sometimes, and taking part in that is so much more vastly important than producing little scribbles on here, like this lady says.

This is what happens when you don't visit your own blog for awhile:

1) Everything is a potential posting topic -- par exemple (that's french), how I can't fold fitted sheets. How pie dough can be so, so fickle. How California strawberries taste lame, even in strawberry season. How Michigan State Parks can't hold a candle to Ontario Provincial Parks. How little green tips of basil plants poking through the soil make me want to do a happy little garden dance. How I can't believe that Wayne and I (but mostly Wayne) have made it through our first year of seminary (3 more to go!).

In other words: my brain is a mess. A great big blogified mess. I'll get it all out and sorted at some point and write about it here. Don't you worry, sugar!

2) People discover your blog and suddenly there are NINE PEOPLE following it! Now, it was never my intention to stack up followers. I started this blog to empty my brain and to aid my family in keeping track of my mental state. I'm pretty sure that my mom and mom-in-law and aunts etc still haven't figured out how to comment/officially follow this but I know they're reading it faithfully which I appreciate. 

However, my horizons have been expanded thanks to an Irish lass with a pretty sweet name who keeps a blog here -- and wrote about ME! As a result some more followers have trickled on board... haha. I'm still aghast. Thanks Orla. Hope you're having fun in TO!

3) You panic slightly. Time does not allow you to write, and you have this horrible sinking feeling that if you don't get something online right now the whole blogosphere is going to crash and burn in a magnificent explosion of pyrotechnics because clearly blogger.com is depending on you and you alone to keep the earth spinning.

Oh please. I was being sarcastic. I'm not that egocentric. At least... hopefully not. Tell me if I am and smack me hard. Gah.

It's raining today. Don't forget your umbrella-ella-ellas!



  1. Haha I love this post! You're oh so welcome. :) And wow the rain is so awful here too...

  2. Did it! I'm a follower!(that little jab about aunts...)

    1. Okay. I never meant to jab anyone. Totally unintentional. But I appreciate your readership nonetheless! :)

  3. There...now I'm a follower too! No jab felt...just a nugde. I always look forward to your updates.

  4. Don't worry, Suzanne! I had tried to post a much wittier comment but it got lost...!? So I tried again and managed to post that much "shorter" comment.