June 06, 2012

the summer chop.

My very best friend in the world (aka Wayne) finally officially finished school two weeks ago... One year down, three to go! Three years still seems like a long time -- but I can promise you that by the time Wayne reaches graduation, it'll be like getting a pie in the face and we'll be all, "Whoa! Where did that come from!?"

Anyway. After nine long months of Hebrew mutterings and paper editing and pre-presentation nerves and deep theological research, we felt it was necessary to partake in some year-end celebrations. First up on the agenda: Suzanne's summer haircut.

Okay, this was not officially part of the celebrations, it just happened to work out that way.

I love getting my summer haircut. I have a ton of hair (so my hair stylist Shelly says) so it feels wonderfully light after getting a bunch of inches whacked off. The one thing I don't like about getting a hair cut? When I'm asked what I want done. I have no idea what I want done. I usually mumble out something vague like "Uhh... just cut it to here... and... um... bangs. Trim my bangs" and it usually turns out okay -- my hair is cut and my fringe is restored to its former glory and out the door I swish.

However, this time around something reckless got into me and I said, "No layers!" when Shelly
asked what I wanted done. I have no idea why I said this. I have nothing against layers. It's just that I've always had layers and wondered what it would be like without them.

Shelly: Are you sure you don't want layers?
Suzanne: Umm... (suddenly unsure) Ahh! I have no idea!
Shelly: How about I just do a little tiny bit and see what you think.
Suzanne: Okay, yeah... (Gripped with sudden desire to control the situation despite entire lack of hair styling knowledge) But only a little bit.
Shelly: (snippy snip!) How's that?
Suzanne: Yeah, that's good. Keep it at that (completely feigned confidence).
Shelly: Are you sure? I could do some more.
Suzanne: (totally not catching the fact that Shelly is indirectly telling her that her hair will look stupid if she doesn't get more layers) Nope, that's fine.

So apparently there's a reason layers are used. I mean, the hair stylists always make your hair look fantastic but when your hair dries after the next shower you take, kablam, reality. Turns out that if you don't have layers your hair looks somewhat triangular, especially on hot and humid summer days. Nice. I'm going to be triangle-head-Suzy until the fall, because being the frugal Dutch girl that I am, I only visit the salon twice a year.

On the upside, Wayne and I went to Steak n' Shake afterwards for half price celebratory-school's-over milkshakes! And everyone knows that milkshakes make everything better, especially when they're half price. Mmmm. 

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