April 02, 2014

week twelve.

During our twelfth week in Edinburgh we realized time was running short and we had a few things we needed to fit in before packing up and heading back to the US of A. Our activities this week included:

Taking self-portraits with our camera timer in front of Salisbury Crags (note our layers of clothing even in mid-August... fall's a-comin');

Trying out a new cafe;

Catching a twilight view of downtown from Calton Hill;

Finally getting to try our all-time fave beer on tap -- Innis & Gunn, brewed in Edinburgh itself. And apparently looking sullen while drinking it;

Standing in the middle of South Bridge to take a picture (don't worry mum, I checked both ways);

And trying a bacon roll! The breakfast of a true Scot. Fried bacon and egg slapped on a bap (otherwise known as a morning roll) -- the classic breakfast of Scotland. They put anything on these buns for breakfast, but bacon and egg is the most deliciously unhealthy kind you can have. We got up early to get to the Saturday morning Farmer's Market on time -- they typically run out even before the Market officially opens. We learned that the hard way the week before this. I was disappointed. More disappointed than necessary, probably.


  1. I love looking at all of your pictures!!

  2. Beer-drinking CAN cause sullenness, you know. That is to say, it must've been the beer. : )