April 08, 2014

i know not how it is with you.

In a very atypical fashion I drew this very much person-less drawing while in Edinburgh. I rarely draw any pictures without people in it -- people are the most interesting part to pictures and I therefore make sure to include them because secretly I think drawing water and leaves and grass and trees is sometimes a little boring.

Saw this lovely RL Stevenson poem painted on a wall in New Town Edinburgh and just got this feeling in my gut that it ought to be drawn, so I sat down that night and drew something. A bit mixy-uppy but interesting nonetheless. Mixy-uppy is not a word. Or term. Or anything.

It's just a bit like a mishmash of everything that I saw in my mind while reading the poem, which is the sweetest little poem, and I am not necessarily a poem person so it is quite a thing that it instilled in me a desire to illustrate it. The poem reads:

I know not how it is with you --
I love the first and last,
The whole field of the present view,
The whole flow of the past.

One tittle of the things that are, 
Nor you should change nor I --
One pebble in our path -- one star
In all our heaven of sky.

Our lives, and every day and hour,
One sympathy appear:
One road, one garden -- every flower
And every bramble dear.

- R.L. Stevenson

1 comment:

  1. This delighted me on so many levels -- the colors, the detail, the words, the spirit. I am glad you followed the prompt and illustrated your thoughts to Stevenson's poem.