December 02, 2016


Having a baby is hard. Having a baby while you battle mild hyperemesis gravidarum is harder. Having a baby while you battle mild HG with your closest family members 600 kilometres and an international border crossing away -- well. Let's all get our violins out, shall we?

All kidding aside -- though pregnancy was tough, we were and are blessed with a beautiful family of brothers and sisters in Christ who took excellent care of us while I was struggling through those difficult months. Not only did they provide meals, love, prayers and support when I could barely drag myself out of bed, but they showered our wee girl with beautiful gifts after she arrived. I managed to get a birth announcement/thank you card out in a respectable amount of time (for a new mom, anyway) -- 4 months. Could be worse! Lucy A, you are one loved baby.

1 comment:

  1. What a beautiful card! Definitely frame-worthy. A beautiful card for a beautiful little girl :)