January 11, 2015

panera beaver.

A few months back W & I were sitting in a Panera and I said, "Wayne, what would you do if a giant beaver walked into the Panera, ordered a coffee, and sat down at a table?" 

He responded with raised eyebrows and a confused laugh and a shrug and a look that said, "Suzanne, you are so special to me in so many inexplicable ways." 

I responded by drawing a picture of the beaver on a card so he could more easily understand what's going on in my brain. Communication is such an important part of a good marriage, folks. 

That, and acceptance and tolerance of your spouse's odd imagination.

1 comment:

  1. I love it...esp. since you and Wayne introduced Dad and I to lunch at Panera...YUM! Such delicious bread! But I wonder what a beaver would order for lunch...soup and a sandwich...wrap and a salad...salad and soup...hmmmm