May 19, 2014

week fourteen.

Our last week in Edinburgh -- and what a week it was! Really a good week despite our flights back to Michigan getting completely mucked up and our internet deciding to blow up at the same time -- bother!

 Running errands, taking walks, making plans for our next week -- when we would be back in America! Was hard to imagine. 

 Our last week was filled to the brim with people -- lots of dinners and lunches and final get-togethers -- including my last ladies' badminton night. I always had a little feeling that I was half-decent at badminton. I no longer have that little feeling, but my co-badmintonites made me goodbye cupcakes anyway -- maple-flavoured too yet! Perfect for the Canadian. 

Had a late August walk along the shore in Musselburgh... 

 and tried to teach a five-year-old how to use a digital camera. 

A Scottish sunset for you!

Took a ridiculous photo in front of our church -- then -- next thing we knew... 

We were flying over the blue expanse of Lake Michigan. Home sweet home!

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