February 25, 2014

week nine.

Having been off on our continental tour for the two weeks previous, we spent week nine appreciating all the wonderful qualities of our home base that we had missed so much while away -- like these wild sunsets from up on Salisbury Crags. 

Wayne kept plugging away on his research and writing, I kept busy with drawing and laundry and trying to let my poor feet heal after the excessive amount of walking done whilst on our trip... unfortunately in Edinburgh it's pretty much impossible to get around without having to face an enormous flight of stairs at some point... the joys of a city built on hills. 

The atrium of the National Museum, located just around the corner from our flat. If you're a penny pincher who loves a good museum, Edinburgh is the place to go. Free entry into pretty much every museum in the city all day every day.

Wayne celebrated his birthday that week! We started the day off right with coffee and presents and croissants and then, per Wayne's birthday request, spent the morning exploring the John Knox Museum, a house in Old Town where the fiery preacher was said to have died. 

 The guy was a bit of a firecracker. I mean seriously -- check out that beard. 

And of course we had to pay a visit to the preacher's burial site -- which happens to be parking space no. 23 behind St. Gile's Cathedral. Nice, Edinburgh. Real classy.

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