September 30, 2013

gingers unite!

One always assumes that the Irish and Scottish populations contain a great deal of redheads (ahem... gingers). But to see it in real life -- to see head after head of blazing red hair strolling past you down the streets of Edinburgh -- well. Makes one have faith in the power of the recessive red allele. All you nasty rumours telling me that redheads will eventually fade out of the human race? I don't believe a word of it.

As such, Wayne fits in really well here. We have a very irrational fear of appearing too "touristy", but as long as we keep our mouths shut so as not to give away our very North American accents and let Wayne's reddish hair do the talking, we'll be in business. Maybe we'll have convincing accents by the end of our time here... we'll make a thorough effort of it anyway. Right now it's pretty rough...

{This post written in June 2013}