April 30, 2013

the many benefits of scrubs.

As has been mentioned before, I work in a chiropractic office. In January the Dr. decided that it would be shnazzy if all of us wore matching scrubs instead of random scrubs/poorly matched slacks and blouses (I am to blame for the poorly matched slacks and blouses, probably). Since January we have been wearing rather lovely scrubs, black and purple, and though I was a little bit skeptical about going into work wearing something that felt like pyjamas, I have now come to deeply appreciate scrubdom. 

There are many reasons for this:

1) They make me feel clever, like I'm a real nurse and take people's temperatures and jab needles in arms and know what words like antipyretic and athetosis and hemolysis mean. When I am at the grocery store in my scrubs I like to think that people think I'm a real nurse when meanwhile I'm just a poser who manages the office and is on the telephone with insurance companies for a significant chunk of the day.

2) Workweek wardrobe requires absolutely no thought whatsoever. In the mornings I stumble around a dark bedroom and haphazardly grab whatever's on the top of the scrubs pile in the closet. And that is how real fashionistas do it, my friends. 

3) Ultra-comfy. Like I said earlier -- pyjamas. On the downside those babies don't hold up to Michigan winter winds very well. Not much insulation going on there. 

4) Scrub-talk. I am very much allowed to discuss the quality and workmanship of different types of scrubs with other scrub-wearers (aka real nurses) while not sounding like I'm one brick short of a load. The Grey's Anatomy line by Barco, baby. Only way to go. 

5) Scrubs have endless pockets. I discover new pockets every day! They are extremely convenient and I have found multiple uses for all of them. They hold bobby pins and pens and post-it notes and crumpled pieces of paper and granola bar wrappers and pretzels for when I need a little snack but can't leave my desk... or am too lazy to leave my desk. Pretzel pockets!

Scrubby-dub-dubs! Bedtime. 

A happy nurse who clearly loves her Grey's Anatomy scrubs. How does she keep her hair so nice while assisting in surgery?

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