July 16, 2012

the wedding pt. 5: the ladies

So it turns out that being a bridesmaid is a lot of work. It's fun work, but work nonetheless that requires time and patience and good scrap-booking skills. Okay, not always true for the scrap-booking skills. But my lack of skill in that department was a bit of a boon when trying to help my sister make invitations for her wedding. Yes, Marcella, the messed up invites were probably the result of my sub-par workmanship and bad relationship with glue sticks. Sorry about that.

Knowing that being a bridesmaid takes work, I almost felt a bit bad asking my friends and sisters to be in my wedding party. I made myself feel better about this by taking on the bulk of the wedding planning myself so that I wouldn't have to put stress on anyone else. Or... I'm just a control freak. Probably the latter. My poor younger sisters/maids of honour come up to me a few weeks before the wedding and say, "So... it's almost your wedding and we haven't helped with anything. Is there anything you want us to do?"

I should probably learn to delegate.

I had six girls on my side of the wedding party -- four sisters, one future sister-in-law, and one dear friend I had the fortune of meeting during my university days. Their heights ranged from 5'5" to 6'2". Two of them would be 7 months pregnant by the time our wedding date rolled around. The issue of attire was a bit of a burning question.

What I did know is that I wasn't going to lead 6 girls around trying to find a matching dress that would suit them all perfectly. That is something we like to call impossible. Instead I picked a colour (royal blue-ish, give or take a shade) and sent them off into the world of retail to fend for themselves. Price, style, frills -- twas all up to them.


Hi Rhi. 

Those babies are now born and cuter than you could possibly imagine. 

I think it worked well, considering I didn't see all the dresses together until the day of the wedding.  Haha. If I had a wedding planner she/he'd probably lose her/his mind... but it's way more fun this way.


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  2. That was such a great day and I still love my dress! Now I just have to find a function to wear it to....